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by Clemmie Telford
But Why?



This week Clemmie speaks to Belinda Kirk who is a professional explorer! In 2010, she captained the first all-female rowing team to circumnavigate Britain non-stop, completing the journey in 51 days.
The pair discuss:

Belinda's incredible career including a trip where she sailed the Atlantic.

The joy of adventure

Why it is essential for our wellbeing.

The long term impact of ‘choosing challenge’.

Ways to instil adventure in our kids. 

Belinda's book  Adventure Revolution: The life-changing power of choosing challenge is out now. 
Buy Clemmie’s Debut book “But Why? How to Answer Tricky Questions from Kids by Having Honest Conversation with Yourself’ including a section on why risk is so important for kids.
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Episode 10

Season 2

by Clemmie Telford