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by Georgia Powell and Liza Shapiro
Calls with CURA: Stories from the Art World

Lily Ackerman - Art Consultant


Lily Ackerman founded Ackerman studios – a London-based art consultancy working closely with artists and galleries, connecting them to hotels, restaurants, and private spaces. They offer full services including strategic planning and conception, art curation and procurement, and advisory.

Built on over a decade of experience, Ackerman Studios work closely with a variety of hospitality spaces, most recently including 45 Park Lane and the Daisy Green Collection. They pride themselves on working with both established and emerging artists and focussing on the narratives underpinning each project.

Capitalising on her extensive relationships with artists and galleries, Lily enjoys transforming the way people interact with art - making it a spectacular part of the everyday.

Lily is a great advocate of both emerging and established artists and is continually looking to discover the most exciting new talent, as well as nurturing relationships with established figures with whom she already enjoys long-standing associations.


Episode 23

Season 1

by Georgia Powell and Liza Shapiro