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Canadian True Crime

Kelly Favro's Story—Part 1

Canadian True Crime
Canadian True Crime

Content warning: This series includes graphic descriptions of sexual violence. If you or anyone you know is experiencing sexual violence and abuse, help is available. Please see resources below.

Victoria, British Columbia

[Part 1 of 2] In this two-part series, we explore Kelly Favro's harrowing journey from surviving a two-hour sexual assault to becoming the first person in British Columbia to have a publication ban removed from her name - by herself.

Publication bans are routinely ordered to protect the privacy of vulnerable participants in the criminal justice system. But in the case of sexual assault complainants, what if they didn’t actually consent to the publication ban? What if they don’t want it?

What happens when publication bans backfire?

Along the way, Kelly met many other sexual assault survivors and learned that she was not alone. You’ll also hear the stories of Jade Neilson and Samantha Geiger, two survivors who discovered publication bans had been put on their names without their consent, and how it impacted them in completely separate but negative ways.

It all culminated in a trip to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to fight for changes.


Special thanks to Kelly Favro.

Please help sexual assault survivors 

Sign the petition now to give victim-complainants more agency and choice when it comes to publication bans on their names.

Eligibility: Citizens and residents of Canada are eligible to sign the petition

Deadline: 9am EST on March 10th, 2023

Follow on twitter: @AmendPubBanLaws 

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Audio editing and production: We Talk of Dreams

Production assistance: Jesse Hawke

Script consulting: Carol Weinberg

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Disclaimer voiced by Erik Krosby

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Canadian True Crime
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