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Canadian True Crime

Major Case Updates & Feedback 2023—Part 1

Canadian True Crime
Canadian True Crime

[Part 1 of 2] In this two-part series, we report back on cases that have had major updates or have attracted notable feedback over this past year. Kristi will also be addressing some of the most common comments and feedback received.

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Available to all in one week - November 21.

Approximate timestamps

4:00 - Disappearance of Madison Scott

8:00 - Saskatoon Freezing Deaths - Darrel Night

10:40 - The Brampton High School Shootings

15:00 - Legacy Christian Academy Scandal

19:00 - Kelly Favro’s Story (Publication Bans)

33:00 - Opioid Crisis Feedback

41:00 - Lush & Whiteway Families (Newfoundland Car Crash)

47:00 - January Lapuz Feedback

1:03:00 - Responding to more generic feedback

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Canadian True Crime
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