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by Kristi Lee
Canadian True Crime



Hi everyone! It's been 2.5 years since I did a Q&A, and I know you have questions, so I thought I'd answer them. Enjoy! 

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2:00 – How did I get into true crime and why

5:00 – Decision to start a podcast

13:00 – Things I’ve learned from podcasting

14:30 – Best part about podcasting

16:45 – Hardest part about podcasting

17:30 – Where will CTC be in 5 years?

19:20 – Covid-19

22:30 – True crime documentaries

24:30 – Cases I really want to cover but haven’t had a chance to yet


30:00 – Cases I’ll NEVER cover

33:00 – Lingering questions from cases I’ve covered

36:00 – Most shocking and infuriating cases

37:00 – Do I contact families of victims in my episodes?

43:30 – Why I moved to Canada

49:00 – Strangest thing about Canada

53:30 – Favourite part about Canada

56:00 – How did I decide what part of Canada to live in?

57:00 – Mental health / depression / anxiety update – what’s been helping me?

See you soon!


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by Kristi Lee