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Canadian True Crime

The Legacy Christian Academy Scandal—Part 1

Canadian True Crime
Canadian True Crime

[ Part 1 of 3 ] Since August of 2022, a cascade of distressing allegations have come to light by former students of a deeply intertwined evangelical Christian school and the church that runs it. So far, criminal charges have been laid on four men in positions of authority.... and more are likely to come.

  • CONTENT WARNING: This series is about allegations of physical, sexual, psychological and spiritual abuse of students and minors at their church-run Christian school. There is heavy focus on corporal punishment, details of grooming and sexual assault of minors, mention of anti-LGBTQ+ and racist rhetoric, mention of self-harm and suicidal ideation. There are also details of religious, spiritual and supernatural beliefs as they relate to these specific allegations.

While these allegations have resulted in criminal charges, they haven’t yet been proven or tested in court.

In this three-part series, you’ll hear the stories that led to these allegations, as we explore how a set of beliefs that demand absolute conformity and obedience from children—and rely on physical punishment as the main motivator, can be ripe for unchecked abuse. Years of alleged gaslighting, conditioning and indoctrination set up students of Legacy Christian Academy and schools like it to be “perfect victims”—taught to blindly submit to authority, doubt the reality of their own experiences, and fear any number of consequences for speaking up.

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Canadian True Crime
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