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Canadian True Crime

The Murder of January Lapuz

Canadian True Crime
Canadian True Crime

In 2012, a beloved community figure was killed in her own home in an extremely violent attack. It would take a while to learn what happened to her and who was responsible, but the immense loss of her absence was felt immediately by all who knew her - or knew of her.

"Hi. My name is January. I know it's a cold month, but I make it hot!"


This episode is about the death of a transgender person, and it also includes brief details of Indigenous trauma and residential schools. 24/7 Crisis Line for Indian Residential School Survivors: call 1-800-721-0066

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This month we have donated to the Sher Vancouver LGBTQ+ Friends Society

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Special thanks to Alex Sangha and Ash Brar from Sher Vancouver.

Research: Eliot Newton

Writing, sound design, additional research: Kristi Lee

Audio editing and production, theme songs: We Talk of Dreams

Production assistance: Jesse Hawke

Script consulting: Carol Weinberg

Disclaimer voiced by Erik Krosby

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Canadian True Crime
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