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The Truth About Canada's Opioid Crisis—Part 1

Canadian True Crime
Canadian True Crime

[ Part 1 of 3 ] Through the stories of four young Canadians from completely different walks of life—who all met the same devastating fate, we explore how Canada got itself into the mess that is the opioid crisis. Sophie Breen, Seth MacLean, Skye Crassweller and Morgan Goodridge were among the almost 40,000 Canadians who have died of toxic drug poisoning since 2016. Most of these deaths were accidental, caused by street drugs contaminated with deadly illegal fentanyl.

In this series, we learn what their families are saying about the current response to the opioid crisis, as we explore answers to urgent questions:

  • How do we stop the steadily rising drug poisoning deaths?
  • And why are so many Canadians seeking oblivion to escape from their pain in the first place?

Special thanks to the families of Sophie Breen, Seth MacLean and Morgan Goodridge.

Resources for those affected by the Opioid Crisis:

More information:

Sophie Breen - Our family member died of a fentanyl overdose. We don’t think the man who supplied the drugs should go to prison by Mary Fairhurst Breen and Emma Feltes, Globe & Mail

Seth MacLean died in July. Authorities buried him weeks later without telling his family by John Lancaster, CBC news

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In honour of August 31, International Overdose Awareness day, we’ve donated to Moms Stop the Harm.

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