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Canadian True Crime

The Truth About Canada's Opioid Crisis—Part 3

Canadian True Crime
Canadian True Crime

[ Part 3 of 3 ] The truth about Canada’s Opioid Crisis is complicated and multi-faceted, but many experts in the field are clear about what’s going wrong.

In this final part, we'll explore the evidence and data, and delve into what addiction is and where it originates.

We'll look at what grief-stricken families are saying about Canada's slow and limited response to the opioid crisis—and what they are demanding be done instead.

Finally, we’ll circle back to Mary Breen for her reflections on the sentencing hearing for the young man convicted of selling her daughter Sophie the fentanyl that killed her.

Resources for those affected by the Opioid Crisis:

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In honour of August 31, International Overdose Awareness day, we’ve donated to Moms Stop the Harm.

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