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Casefile True Crime

Case 261: Shari Smith & Debra May Helmick (Part 1)

Casefile True Crime
Casefile True Crime
*** Content warning: Sexual assault ***
[Part 1 of 2]
When 17-year-old Shari Smith disappeared from the end of her family's driveway in Lexington, South Carolina, there were immediate concerns for her wellbeing. Shari had a rare medical condition that could turn fatal without her medication.

But any concerns that Shari’s illness could have caused her disappearance were quickly quashed after the Smith family received an odd phone call, prompting the largest manhunt in South Carolina’s history. As the taunting calls continued, the question remained - where was Shari? And was she still alive?


Narration – Anonymous Host
Research & writing – Elsha McGill
Creative direction – Milly Raso
Production and music – Mike Migas
Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn

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Casefile True Crime
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