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Casefile True Crime

Case 262: Samia Shahid

Casefile True Crime
Casefile True Crime
*** Content warning: Domestic violence, sexual assault ***
In Pakistani culture, arranged marriages are common. So when the parents of Samia Shahid chose a husband for her, Samia agreed to the marriage. Despite being raised in England, Samia took her Pakistani heritage very seriously and would do anything to make her family proud.

But Samia’s arranged marriage to her first cousin, Choudhry Shakeel, was far from what she expected. Samia was determined to build a better life for herself, but at what cost?


Narration – Anonymous Host
Research & writing – Holly Boyd
Creative direction – Milly Raso
Production and music – Mike Migas
Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn

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Casefile True Crime
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