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by Juan van Wyk
Casting Light by The LightHouse Arabia

SmartHearts: Why Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids is More Important Now Than Ever


In this podcast Juan van Wyk, a clinical psychologist at The LightHouse Arabia – Center for Wellbeing, is in conversation with Christine Kritzas, psychologist and Education Director of The LightHouse Arabia.
The topic of discussion is on raising emotionally intelligent children. Christine Kritzas is the developer of the SmartHeart boardgame, a powerful resource for parents and therapists in crossing the emotional bridge to children, facilitating relational attunement, sharing experiences and enhancing emotional expression. The dynamic use and practices of the game, with practical examples are shared by Christine from her experience in developing and using the boardgame in therapy. Special Guest: Christine Kritzas, M.A..



by Juan van Wyk