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303 - Christian Manzella


Chicago Camps interviews Christian Manzella, a Speaker Mentor for Speaker Camp Seattle on February 28th. Christian is the VP of UX at Moz, an SEO software company in Seattle, and also the founder of GIANT, which holds multiple events each year.

About Christian Manzella

Christian Manzella has been working in the internet for nearly 20 years, across multiple industries. Christian jokes that he’s had every role, both as a contributor and as a manager, that you can have in an internet-based business. After spending 10 years working on CRM and CMS systems in the automotive, marine and related industry space, he moved into eCommerce with companies like Lowe’s and BlueNile.com. Christian is currently, the VP of UX at Moz, an SEO software company in Seattle.

He is also the founder of GIANT, a group that holds multiple small events and a large GIANT Conference in Charleston, SC each year, and has a blog at GiantUX.com

Christian makes most of his contributions by trying to help others succeed and have a place to succeed, whether that is in speaking, writing, or other ways to participate in their profession and life. You can find Christian on twitter @cmanzella.

About Chicago Camps

Chicago Camps, LLC (chicagocamps.org) was founded in 2012. They plan multiple low cost, high-value events primarily in Chicago.

"In the Basteal" music written and produced and performed by Christian Lane | https://soundcloud.com/clane01 | @christianlane01

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