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404 - Julia Keren-Detar Lightning Talk at Prototypes, Process & Play 2017


This podcast features Julia Keren-Detar, UX Designer at Untame, and her Lightning Talk, “Usability Testing & Development on a Shoestring Budget” from the design leadership conference Prototypes, Process & Play on August 10th, 2017.

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Julia Keren-Detar - Lightning Talk

UX Designer at Untame

Julia Keren-Detar is a game designer and developer based out of Chicago, IL. Currently she is the Creative Director for Untame, a studio shared by her and her husband. She is working on Mushroom 11 with Itay Keren, Simon and Kara Kono, contributing to the game design, UX and marketing. She’s worked on several casual and indie titles including Untame’s award-winning mobile game “Rope Rescue” and Arkadium’s hit Facebook game “Mahjongg Dimensions Blast”. At Arkadium, she was a senior developer at the R&D department, prototyping and designing dozens of games. Julia is also an avid quilter and a hobby game historian.

For more, keep up with Julia on Twitter as @quiltingcrow.

Usability Testing & Development on a Shoestring Budget

As an indie game studio, we had a shoestring budget for developing Mushroom 11, an award winning video game on desktop and mobile. This talk will explain how we used prototyping to make fast iterations on our design and how we used trade shows and other marketing events as ways to collect user data which informed our design process throughout development.

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