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405 - Nicole Maynard Lightning Talk at Prototypes, Process & Play 2017


This podcast features Nicole Maynard, Head of User Experience at Hyatt, and her Lightning Talk, “Cultivating Happiness” from the design leadership conference Prototypes, Process & Play on August 10th, 2017.

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Nicole Maynard- Lightning Talk

Head of User Experience at Hyatt

Nicole Maynard is the Head of User Experience at Hyatt leading a team of researchers, interaction and visual designers, creating solutions that elevate Hyatt’s digital footprint and enhance the guest experience. She has taken the helm as president of the Chicago chapter of UXPA (User Experience Professionals Association).

Nicole is a versatile UX professional; she has a foundation in graphic, information and interaction design and has been performing user research well before realizing it was a profession. She has always found the inner workings of our minds to be a compelling subject of study. Her work has been published nationally and has won various design awards. If you want to get her chatting, ask about her talking budgie or her commitment to health and wellness.

For more, keep up with Nicole on Twitter as @punkynixter.

Cultivating Happiness

Neuroscience explains the delicate sparks that can either create happiness or make it elusive. Happiness has power–it makes us more productive, engaged and creative. When we’re feeling good, we are better able to create delightful experiences and have that positivity trickle into everything we touch. Let’s take a look at methods for cultivating happiness within ourselves so we can propagate it for others.

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