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China Rising

Taiwan | 8


On Episode 8 of China Rising, we'll explore the growing tensions between China and Taiwan, which are fueling fears of a possible Chinese military invasion and an armed conflict that risks spilling far beyond the island's borders. Taiwan is widely considered by security analysts to be a flashpoint for a confrontation between China and the United States. Beijing considers Taiwan to be a breakaway province, which it has long wanted to bring under its rule. But public opinion polls show the vast majority of people in Taiwan consider themselves to be Taiwanese – not Chinese; They’re proud of their liberal democracy and do not want to become part of China. We’ll hear from Canadians living in Taiwan who are witnessing Beijing’s growing military aggression towards the island first-hand. And we’ll examine claims from some U.S. military leaders who predict China will launch a military invasion within the next six years. If that happens, how will Canada, the United States and their allies respond?


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Episode 8

Season 2

by Curiouscast