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by Robert Rippberger & Tobias Deml
Cinema of Change

Nicholas Paige: The French New Wave and a Look to the Future


Welcome to the Cinema of Change podcast with Tobias Deml and Robert Rippberger. Cinema of Change is a magazine and community that challenges the conventions of film and its ability to effect change in the world.

Professor Paige teaches at the UC Berkeley French Department and has published a number of papers and books focusing mostly on seventeenth and eighteenth-century French literature and culture. What makes him so unique to us is that he is on of the foremost experts on the French New Wave - and the magazine that came with it, the “Cahiers du Cinema.” This period in 1960s French Cinema sparked a revolution in filmmaking worldwide. How could a few french intellectuals change the face of cinema? We’re about to find out.

  • 00:25 - Intro: The French New Wave (FNW)
  • 01:23 - How does a film movement form and become successful?
  • 05:50 - Did the "Cahier du Cinema" magazine dictate the course of the French New Wave?
  • 10:12 - How did the FNW filmmakers transition from critic to creator?
  • 13:45 - How does a journalistic background influence a filmmaker?
  • 19:46 - When do film revolutions happen - and how can we forecast them?
  • 24:35 - Is a cultural shift usually preceded by a generational shift?
  • 27:39 - What's the next revolution that makes us rethink cinema?
  • 35:12 - Can films properly portray the existential questions of life?

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by Robert Rippberger & Tobias Deml