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by Michael Coates
CISO to CISO Cybersecurity Talk

Episode 10 - Keith McCartney - VP of Security & IT at DNAnexus


We are excited to welcome Keith McCartney, VP of Security & IT at DNAnexus on our next episode of the CISO-to-CISO webcast (later posted also in podcast version). As an electrical engineer in spirit and an Information Technology executive by trade, Keith has established a record of success in improving security posture, prioritizing issue remediation, mitigating risks, and delivering innovative solutions to meet evolving business and industry needs. Throughout his career, Keith has experienced technology as an architect, a salesman, an implementer, a customer, and an end user, which makes for a great conversation with Michael: they will discuss what brought them to their roles today, and advice for others trying to become a CISO.

Check out our webcast recording here.



by Michael Coates