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by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Podcast 310: How to create a personalized & powerful mental health insurance policy with your thoughts + What it means to be “wired for love”


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SHOW DESCRIPTION: Recalling happy memories is good for your health in general. As I discuss in this podcast, thinking about good times is like a physical insurance policy in the brain, which, when times get tough, helps support your mental and physical health.

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1:31 What it means to have a mental “insurance policy” for challenging times

3:30 The relationship between thoughts & experiences

4:20 How toxic memories can affect us

6:45, 11:00 How good memories are a mental “insurance policy”

7:10 What it means to be “wired for love”

8:10 How healthy, happy memories can increase our cognitive resilience

9:00, 21:00 The healing power of gratitude

13:20, 17:00 How happy memories can improve our relationships & mental health

14:00 The relationship between recalling good memories & making wise decisions

24:50 Why we all need a possibilities mindset “insurance policy”


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Episode 310

by Dr. Caroline Leaf