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by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Podcast 313: The best mind-management techniques when dealing with chronic & mental health issues (with Mikhaila Peterson)


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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I speak with Mikhalia Peterson, top podcast host and daughter of scholar and best-selling author Jordan B. Peterson, about her experiences with chronic mental and physical health issues like Lyme disease, junior rheumatoid arthritis, extreme depression and chronic pain, how food can heal the mind and body, why we all need to learn good mind management techniques, the importance of being an advocate for your own health, and so much more!

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3:15, 13:00, 41:00 Mikhalia Peterson’s incredible story

5:00 What advice Mikhalia would give to her dad, Jordan B. Peterson?

5:25, 44:00 How food can heal the mind & body

5:45 Why you should prioritize your health, not work

6:30 The importance of self-compassion

8:40 How spirituality can positively impact mental health

25:20, 1:00:10 The potential dangers of too many prescription drugs

55:00 Why Mikhalia eats an all-meat diet

58:20, 1:01:45 Be careful of people who say they have all the answers

59:20 Jordan B. Peterson’s own struggles with prescription drugs

1:03:20 Why we need to be careful of prescription drug withdrawal

1:04:35 Why feeling empowered when it comes to your own health is so important


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Episode 313

by Dr. Caroline Leaf