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by Devesh Tilokani
Climate Changepreneurs

Ep 108 - Navigating a Career in Social Impact with Impact Marketing Consultant, Joel Harrison


We are back!!!

In this episode, we speak to Joel Harrison who is an impact marketing consultant for social enterprises, a podcaster, and Founder of ElevateHub.ca, a British Columbia based social impact hub bringing news, events, and job listings to people doing purpose-driven work. His mission is to create a world where the majority of organizations make decisions for people and the planet first.

In this episode, we really dive deep into a couple of different areas such as:

- the misconception that people have about making money and creating impact at the same time

- how does someone graduating from school navigate a career in social impact

- his thoughts on the B-Corp Structure

- how we need to listen to all perspectives before making a judgement. 

Here are some links to get in touch with Joel:






Episode 108

by Devesh Tilokani