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by Devesh Tilokani
Climate Changepreneurs

Ep 109 - How Industrial Design Is Essential To Building Sustainable Products with Award-Winning Industrial Designer Philippe Guichard


In this episode, we chat with Philippe Guichard who is an award-winning, international industrial designer who has launched numerous successful products. In 2013 he founded his Melbourne design studio, D2 Design and Development. Philippe’s vision is to help change the way we produce and consume “things” by designing purposeful products and companies, ultimately for the triple bottom line: profit, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Philippe is passionate about making a positive difference to the world through his work as a designer and through sharing his ideas as a speaker.

Some of the topics that we discuss in the podcast include: 

  • What exactly is the triple bottom line and how you can implement it in your life and business
  • How is industrial design and social impact connected
  • What is regenerative design?
  • How thinking about sustainability within the design stage of your product is extremely essential.

Here are some links to get in touch with Philippe:

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/pgguichard/

Website - https://www.philippespeaks.com/

Book a discovery call with Philippe to turn your idea into a profitable venture; schedule now at www.d2melbourne.com.au


Episode 109

by Devesh Tilokani