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Cloud Do You Do?

Pixel Federation: Gaming and the Cloud. How to make it work and don't waste time and money?

Cloud Do You Do?
Cloud Do You Do?
This is a special episode about gaming for all technical folks! Erik Ferencz - Backend Developer and Cloud Team Lead for a gaming studio talks to Pixel Federation, a social game developer and publishing company that primarily focuses on mobile and social networking platforms. Listen and find out how difficult is to run games in the cloud and how to make it work. We are Revolgy - a global cloud partner. Our cloud engineers and
architects provide professional and managed services for your projects
on GCP and AWS. In a nutshell, we help to make life digital-native
companies, SMBs and corporates in the cloud easier. Check our website
revolgy.com for more information.

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Thanks a lot for listening, and see you next time!
Cloud Do You Do?
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