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by Joff Bunt
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#63 How to fix your muscular imbalances with Ashley Grossmann


I have been following Ashley on Instagram for the past year and I find his content really useful both as a coach and also as someone who has suffered from a niggling hip injury. 

I see muscular imbalances day in day out working as a personal trainer and coach and it is something that almost everybody has in common in one way or another. 

I invited Ashley to come on and talk about some of the important factors we need to consider when dealing with imbalances. In the episode you can expect to learn; 

- What are the most common reasons for muscular imbalances?

- The importance of a movement assessment before progressing into a strength and conditioning program or sport?

- What can poor movement mechanics lead to?

- Should we spending a portion of our training time addressing weaknesses before they become and injuries? 

- The Silly Lunge and his quest to master the 1 arm pull up on his other arm.

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by Joff Bunt