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by Joff Bunt
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#64 Perfecting your morning routine with Anna Wallenten


Anna Wallenten is a peak performance coach and her energy and motivation is infectious. Anna isn't afraid to get stuck into your deepest insecurities and address them in order to help you improve your life. 

The importance of a morning routine is written in almost every self-development book I've read and it's common to hear about highly successful people about having their own morning routine. 

In this episode you can expect to learn;

- What is Peak Performance?

- The importance of a good morning routine.

- Developing a personal morning routine that suits you and your lifestyle.

- Some of the bad habits that people may do in the morning.

- Subconscious vs Conscious habits in the morning.

- What is the bigger picture of owning your morning routines? Singular actions may not make a huge difference but combined with others over time they will. 

- Should you take rest days from your morning routine? Have a lie-in for example 

- What is a good way to begin developing your morning routine

You can find Anna on Instagram @annwallenten

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Episode 64

by Joff Bunt