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by Joff Bunt
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#65 Training for health vs Training for performance with Craig Harriman


It was great to get Craig back on for his hattrick show. This is a topic that we have spoken about in detail and we both have a huge amount of experience both as athletes and coaches.

I know don't like to, and I am almost certain Craig doesn't like to either but I can admit my best competitive days are behind me and, we both take huge pride in training our members and making sure they are getting the most from their training and when they might need a push to light the flames.

Why is this a topic?
- Understand your goals and how they relate to your training
- You can always adjust and reevaluate your goals but when should that be done

Training for health
- What are the foundations of training for health. Time invested, frequency and type of training,

Training for performance
- What are the noticeable differences. Time invested, frequency, volume, type of training, environment, attention to detail and recovery factors.

Enjoy the show and don't forget to go and check  @craigharrimandxb


Episode 65

by Joff Bunt