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by Joff Bunt
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#67 Training with intent with Liam Carmichael


Liam is a coach at Coastal Fitness, Hong Kong and It was great to bring him onto the show to talk about training with intent.

In terms of coaching Liam is only approximately 3-4 years in the game but having spent some time training with him and speaking with him it was clear he had an amazing philosophy behind his own training and coaching. Layer on top of that the list of high-level qualifications he has done and constant improvement in pursuit of high-level coaching, Liam is someone who I highly regard and love to listen to.

Training with intent is essentially training with some purpose in mind. We all know the impact exercise has on our overall health and fitness but for those who want to reach a specific goal or want to see real improvements in their quality of life it's important to have some intent behind the training you invest your time, and or money into.

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Episode 66

by Joff Bunt