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by Joff Bunt
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#68 Taking responsibility and pushing your limits with Tom Otton


Tom Otton is someone who I have followed through social media for the past few years and it is always inspiring seeing how much he is able to push his limits in the ultra-endurance events he has completed. Not only that, Tom is the MD for the highly successful Create Media group based here in Dubai and the middle east region.

I wanted to find out more from Tom about how he is able to push his limits in the ultra-endurance world and still find time to manage his work life, relationships, and other fitness goals. alongside them.

In this episode you can expect to hear:

-Tom's experience running the 'Marathon De Sable' which is known as the toughest foot race on earth.

- How he completed the Oman UTMB which is a 1 stage ultra marathon with a distance upwards of 130K. He was awake for 56 hours doing this which is absolutely crazy to think about.

- Why do everyday workouts in the gym really matter when building some mental resilience and discipline.

- How he is able to manage and maintain quality and balance in different areas of his life

- Taking responsibility and why a victim's mindset will not get you far in life.

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Episode 68

by Joff Bunt