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by Common Sense with Jason Davis
Common Sense

70 defund the police


Greetings my friends and Neighbors.

I know it's been awhile since I've spoken to you, on my podcast, expressing a point of view of a just some common sense.

Well today I need to speak to you about the ridiculous, most ignorant, and unconstitutional statements, of defunding police

And yes it's unconstitutional!


For you see in the Preamble of the Constitution, " we the people, of the United States of America, in order to form a more perfect union, do establish justice and domestic tranquility. "

That's in the opening statement of the Constitution, which is also called the law of the land.

I ask you how can you, establish Justice and domestic tranquility without an organization to enforce the law of the land?

I do believe that the antifa, defund police movement, and the black lives matter, groups haven't really thought this through.

So let's take a few minutes I'll explain it to you.

I do not know if you support the funding the police, or not. But the de-funding, abolishing or shutting down law enforcement is possibly one of the worst ideas any of these radical terrorist groups has ever come up with.

And to make matters worse, the Democratic representatives in the House of Representatives are supporting it, and taking a knee in submission, yes I say submission, to these terrorist organizations in the middle of the hallowed Halls of our federal House of Representatives.

I am offended. And I don't offend easy.

There is an easy way to stop these situations in these cities around the country that have been totally taken over by these terrorists.

And it is called a Siege.


A siege is a military action where an opposing Force basically locks down anarea, through Force, and does not allow anyone in nor anyone out.

No food, no water, no services, nothing is allowed to enter into that area, not even electricity.

If you really want to end this illegal occupation in seattle, just shut down the internet a cell services, that would cause immediate mayhem for these snow flakes.

Failure to communicate

During a Siege the individuals that are locked down run out of food, water, toilet paper, ammunition, gasoline, everything that they need to sustain life until they come to a point where it's not worth it and they start to turn on each other. And lo and behold they surrender.

This is a action done by the military, that's proven very effective during the Civil War, and many other Wars, and the insurrections are stopped.

There may be some violence involved oh, but it is not an all out war against the individual.

This action can be done by National Guard, the police can even do it, and if so needed the US Military.

The six blocks that have been taken over in Seattle Washington need to be put under siege. And believe me it will not take long for the rabble-rousers in that Community to surrender, unconditionally.

All you need is a mayor, or a governor, with the intestinal fortitude to do this.

But, apparently the leadership in the states and cities are weak, and have no intentions of ending this crisis. At least not until the election is over.

Anybody, and I do mean anybody in an elected position that is supporting this action, occupation, movement, is pretty much in violation of their oath of office, should be charged with malfeasance and removed from office and placed in jail.


For you See I have taken an oath of office, and I have said the words.

I do solemnly swear, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, the county Charter, against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Every elected official, and I do mean every elected official, takes a very similar oath and if they sit around and do nothing at this time they are in violation of their Oaths of office and should be charged with malfeasance.

In my humble opinion, every Congressman that took a knee in submission to the terrorist organizations, thinking that they were showing some sort of solidarity or support, have succumbed to an aggressive organization that is bent on overthrowing the United States of America.

As you know I do call it like I see it. Those who support these organizations in these actions, and I mean in these actions of violence, destruction, and occupation are treasonous.

All those who support these actions that I've just spoke of are guilty of treason.


So back to the subject matter of this podcast, what happens if you defund the police?

Well it's very simple the first onset problem you're going to have, is if somebody breaks into your home or business, robs you at gunpoint, harms your family members in any way shape or form, there will be no justice for you. And I mean no justice for you at all.

To have a crime you have to have a victim and a perpetrator. But you also have to have somebody that reports on that crime, and goes in and does the search for evidence, and the evidence has to be collected, video cameras footage has to be collected, blood on the floor or torn clothing or expended shells, these are things that the criminal Investigation Services in your local police do.

It is called processing a crime scene.

And that's another thing without a crime scene, and evidence of the crime, there is no crime.

When you defund the police, who is going to come in and process the crime scene and collect the evidence?

And then there's the issue of chain of custody. Without an appropriate chain of custody of the evidence there is no court in the country that will accept that evidence into a case against anyone.

Let us talk about that for a moment if we will.

Un-fund the police, you will basically abolish them because you will not have enough police officers willing to do the job for minimum wage or less, you also will have no need for any court system. Because there is no way that the evidence can be brought into a case in court, rules of evidence, because its chain of custody is broken.


So let us look at this scenario.

Let's say you defund the police, and you have lost all the good cops, because they're not making a living wage anymore, and only the bad cops will be there because they will be taking bribes and payoffs.

So now you have to go into town to get groceries, Hardware, whatever you want to find.

Without any law enforcement officers in town or County, it will become complete and total Anarchy.

No rules.

No justice.

There will literally be dead bodies on the streets.

Why do I say that because all you'll have to do is just look funny at somebody, and the gunfire will begin.

And who will come and pick up the injured from these gunfights?

No one.

There will be no ambulance drivers because who wants to drive into a war zone with an ambulance and get shot at because you have medications on there and the drug dealers will want them and they will be attacking ambulances.

But let's say you get through the gauntlets, through the gang contolled sections of town, Because that is what will happen, there will be extortion and Money Paid to local gangs and cartels for protection.

But you get through the gauntlet and you get to your favorite store.

Well let's just think this through for a minute here folks Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, all the major stores, the McDonald's Burger King's Wendy's, all the fast food joints, all the restaurants even the mom and pops, will pull out of that war-torn area because without any law enforcement you might as well just buy stuff and give it away.

The shoplifting will be ridiculously crazy, the battles in a store over a big screen TV will be absolutely horrendous, and you think that these Hoarders took all the toilet paper and paper towels, you won't even have a can of soup on the Shelf.

Basically every town that is without law enforcement's will become a ghost town.

Major store chains will move out and close their buildings.

All the little mom-and-pop boutiques restaurants eateries liquor stores will close their doors.

Hospitals will close.

Medical centers will close.

Doctors will close their offices.

You think healthcare is hard to find and afford? just wait.

And soon, very soon after you defund the police, literally all hell breaks loose in your cities and towns where there is no police funded, the violence and Carnage will start to migrate from the city areas to the rural area.

Now my friend you have a problem.


For you see there are several of us around in this country right now. We're called US military veterans.

And the great majority of us have seen War, who served in combat zones, I myself have done so.

And also on the rural areas you have the quote on quote, good old country boys.

Watch the movie “Next of Kin”.

It starred Patrick Swayze as a Detroit police officer who's family member came up to the big city from the country and got killed in a drug deal gone wrong.

The family, Clan came up from the country into the big city, and took care of business. And took out the person that killed their family member.

Of course in the movie there's a lot of battle scenes and fight scenes in the movie as one would expect.

But this is a case where fantasy becomes real life.

For you see if you want to live in a lawless town. And you hurt a member of someone's family, do not be surprised if the entire family comes looking for you.

For you see there's no law enforcement there to stop them from coming in and exacting retribution

There will be no court system for them to be prosecuted in because without cops there's no need for courts.

And the battles will ensue.


And without any hospitals or medical centers, where will you take your injured gang members at this point to get them patched up?

The answer is nowhere, and they will die in the streets, fighting for a cause that is unconstitutional and treasonous

Vigilante justice will prevaile.

I say this with all honesty, and sincerity, all of this is over 1 counterfeit $20 bill,



by Common Sense with Jason Davis