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Alberto Campos – The little soldier of the Araripe, a water keeper for the community


Alberto Campos is a conservation biologist, and he is one of the founders and the director of Aquasis, a Brazilian NGO promoting endangered species and habitat conservation in the state of Ceará. Alberto is also a PhD candidate at the University of British Colombia.

With Alberto, we talk about:

- His commitment to protect the Araripe Manakin

- Why is the Araripe Manakin considered the water keeper of the Araripe region

- The threats and challenges that Araripe Manakins face in their habitat

- How to engage and work with local communities

- How the Araripe Manakin became an extraordinary source pride for local communities

Hosting this podcast episode is Rosamira Guillen, co-founder and Executive Director of Fundación Proyecto Tití, a Colombian NGO protecting the cotton-top tamarin, a tiny monkey that exists only in one small forested area in northern Colombia.

For more information, see:

- About the Land Acquisition Fund

- How to support the Land Acquisition Fund

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Produced by Lucia Guaita.


Episode 3

Season 1

by Conservation Inspiration Podcast