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by Elinor Moshe
Constructing You

Jamie Shelton on Constructing You - Fulfilling Careers, Leadership and CEO Mindset


Jamie Shelton is the Chief Executive Officer. He is a professional engineer, who joined Northrop in 1988 and as CEO has led Northrop Consulting Engineers since 2017. Jamie's vision is to develop the full potential of the 40year firm to be a dominant multidisciplinary engineering practice focused on buildings and land development, servicing both public and privateclients in eastern Australia. Jamie enjoys inspiring and leading a team of engaged managers and owners within a workplace that encourages individuals to work to their strengths, empowering staff to achieve their best. He is a structural engineer with over 30 years experience in servicing clients and managing engineering design teams.
In this episode, you'll gain insight on:
  • How to have a fulfilling career
  • Increasing your conscious awareness
  • Shifting from a technical mindset to CEO mindset
  • Generating excellence, teamwork and commerciality as outcomes
  • Relationship building
  • Enabling the most and the best in others
  • Principles of exemplary leadership

And more!
Resources: It's The Manager - Gallup https://northrop.com.au
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Episode 157

Season 1

by Elinor Moshe