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by Controller Disconnected
Controller Disconnected

LSD: Dream Emulator – A Digital Trip


After learning about the availability of an English patch, Matt decided to play the cult classic weird digital art experiment LSD: Dream Emulator. On this episode, he reports his experiences and gives some impressions about what he saw while playing this quirky game.

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Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MIF8y3FBxVGKJKSQ2CYIqNuW4_IWo7YPbY9JkbvMH_M/edit?usp=sharing

Intro and outro music by Joseph McDade: https://josephmcdade.com
The original soundtrack isn't available, but you can purchase an album of revamped version and remixes from Osamu Sato himself here: https://osamusato.bandcamp.com/album/lsd-revamped

Intro - 0:00
In Context, the History of Dreams -  01:04
In Gameplay, the Description of Dreams - 04:07
In Conclusion, the End of Dreams - 13:24
Outro - 14:33

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Episode 16

by Controller Disconnected