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by Tammy Hawkins
Controversial Figures

Episode 14: Larry Flynt Part 1 (Freedom of Speech Defender & Erotic Entertainment Purveyor)


Larry Flynt might be a name you are familiar with; he's been featured in books, movies, and quite a few news stories over the past 4 decades.

Larry has had 5 wives, 5 children, and many, many businesses. His most infamous business being Hustler magazine which became famous for publishing erotic content others would not in the mainstream.

So, how did a poor, Eastern Kentucky farm boy become a millionaire pornography kingpin during the conservative times of 1970s American media? And how did that success lead to a failed assassination attempt on Larry, a Supreme Court win in the name of the 1st Amendment, and the death of his beloved wife Althea? Listen to the wild ride of Larry Flynt's life today on Controversial Figures.

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by Tammy Hawkins