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by Lisa Corduff
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CwL Ep67: Lessons from My Story - Codependence


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Lisa used to believe that she needed to be responsible for everyone and everything around her. She was a chronic ‘fixer’ and believed she had to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders.
When she shares what she’s learnt about codependency it’s a huge a-ha moment for lots of women, whether they’ve experienced a partner with addiction or not.
Love is caring. But it’s not care-taking.
Relationships are about two independent people taking full responsibility for their own happiness and health coming together in union. This has been a big lesson for Lisa - to let go of attachment to what the people around her will do and find peace within herself.
This episode will be helpful for anyone who has ever walked on eggshells, forsaken their needs for others (chronically!), felt like they are or they know the solution to someone else’s problem and abandoned themselves for ‘love’.
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Episode 146

Season 1

by Lisa Corduff