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by Ekeesit Emmanuel
Convos With Ekeesit

In Converstion with Mr. "Bad idea", Ernest Bazanye.


In this episode Ernest Bazanye , the man .the legend and veteran Editor and writer . He spent more than a decade at Vision group and blessed us with his Wit while writing “The Bad idea” . He has since moved one but his tact and wit has not left him. Our conversation ranged from his life and the lessons he has learned as he goes, to how we use social media on social justice issues. Ernest is currently working on a series of books and now has published Chandler and Frasier .You can find his work on Ernest Bazanye. Com. if there is one thing I learned from this man, it is this and I say it in his words “Not all of us can change the world but we can help to not make things worse” Enjoy, and do not stop having conversations and I hope you will take Uncommon Knowledge from this episode .


Episode 13

by Ekeesit Emmanuel