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CRC London - Pastor Thabo Marais

From Sheep to Shephards


So many people today, whether they are Christians or not, are simply going through the daily motions; directionless and following what the media and society tells them they should want or need. They are defenceless against the negative influences of the worldly and the world. However, Jesus doesn’t want His people to live dependant, disinterested, directionless or defenceless. In this sermon, Pastor Thabo speaks on the topic “From Sheep to Shepherd.” When Jesus came to us, He came as the lamb of sacrifice and through death and resurrection became the Good Shepherd, leading God’s people to truth and freedom. There is a difference between following Jesus as one of His sheep and following Him as a shepherd. As children of God we need to make a choice to accept the commission Jesus has given us and become a leader that gathers, guides, teaches and protects our fellow brothers and sisters.