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Leah Roberts: The Road Less Traveled (Part 1)

Crime Weekly
Crime Weekly
Leah Roberts was five foot, three inches with short dark hair and a beauty mark above the right side of her lips. Leah’s life took a pretty standard path, starting with a happy childhood in Durham, North Carolina where she lived with her parents and two older siblings, sister Kara and brother Heath, until she began attending college at North Carolina State University in nearby Raleigh. Because of unexpected events and tragedies, Leah would change direction in her early 20’s and begin a journey of self exploration that would take her on an impromptu road trip. On March 9th, 2000, Leah Roberts left her Durham, North Carolina and began driving West. Nine days later, her white Jeep Cherokee was found wrecked and abandoned at the base of the Cascade Mountains, 80 miles north of Seattle, Washington. Leah was not inside the Jeep, and to this day she still has not been found, but a later examination of the vehicle would show the engine had been tampered with and maybe someone had targeted Leah Roberts as she was out in the world, trying to find herself.

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