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Mystery on Highway 18: Asha Degree (Part 3)


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“She’s my baby, we just want her back”, a statement that seems so simple to most of us, but to the mother of nine year old Asha Degree, it was a simple plea made from a desperate heart. When you wake up and find that your small daughter has vanished into thin air, there isn’t much you can say, because there isn’t much that you know. In the United States, more than 99 percent of children reported usually make it home safe, so it wasn’t illogical to have hope that Asha would have been one of those children, but as the years passed, and no new evidence came to light, it became clear that Asha Degree was in that much smaller percentage of missing children, the ones that never do come home. Today on Crime Weekly, we are revisiting this case, and hoping that someone out there knows something that can bring peace to the family of Asha Degree, who to this day still searches for their daughter, and have not given up hope that she might still be alive.

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Episode 40

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