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Ep 27: Innovations at Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center


This episode we feature two exciting new projects operating from here at Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center and are very pleased to have Sam Lee, CEO of Bitcoin Group http://www.bitcoingroup.com.au/ also join us on the show.

Paul Ayling tells about his Ant Stand project along with the dramas he experienced trying to set up an Amazon store and how easy, by contrast, his experience with https://openbazaar.org/ was. Find out more about Paul's project at www.antstand.com, https://twitter.com/theantstand and https://www.facebook.com/antstand/

Julian Smith introduces his new project, https://blockfreight.com/ which aims to revolutionise the freight container industry by notarising every data point in a container's journey on the Blockfreight blockchain. If you'd like to take part in the Blockfreight Token pre-sale, go to https://tokens.blockfreight.com/

Full disclosure, I (Peter Robertson) am deeply biassed in favour of all projects being built in this community space and pretend no dispassion whatsoever! Note that since this episode was recorded I have participated in the early Blockfreight token sale.

This episode, one of our guests, JimmyY (AKA Paul Ayling), provided all of our wonderful tracks. Find these and many other pieces at https://allihoopa.com/JimmyY. In order, we hear:
- Sydney Rd Hardstep JimmyY
- Domino JimmyY
- Loop - Clifton Hill Medicine Man JimmyY
- Bitcoin Island JimmyY
- Loop -for the disruptive Influence Podcast JimmyY
- Burger Time JimmyY



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