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Ep 28 The DAO - Shattering Trust?


In this episode of Cryptogoss Katherine Noall and Peter Robertson speak with Fran Strajnar, CEO and co-founder of Brave New Coin, a data and research company focused on the Blockchain and Digital Equities industry. Fran helps us tease out some of the thorny issues around the DAO “attack” and what this might mean for the world's view on Ethereum and blockchain technologies as general.

Fran was also able to share some insights on views held at the big end of town that he gathered from the recent Melbourne Blockchain Summit http://www.blockchainsummit.com.au/. We gained some further understandings of what private blockchains might actually turn out to be in practice and how there are cases where this might make sense, although it was also acknowledged that a lot of corporate activity involving the "B" word might be more spin for appearances than substance on the ground.

Finally, we turned to the topic of "what will the browser for the blockchain look like" as a basis for speculating about the services and applications that will really mark the crypto revolution for the masses. If email was the killer app for the Internet, what will the killer app for the blockchain be?

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