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Cultivate your French - Slow French

CYF 149 — Visite de l’Assemblée nationale — mercredi 23 novembre 2022

This Monday, I had the chance to visit with a class the Assemblée nationale. The visit was absolutely thrilling. The official seat of the Assemblée nationale is the Palais Bourbon. This palais was build in front of the place de la Concorde, on the left bank of the Seine. It was built in the 18th century for one of Louis XIV and Madame de Montespan’ daughter. There are a lot of nice rooms and nice paintings to see but what we all enjoyed the most was the opportunity to watch the debates going on for 5 minutes. This was really an experience and this is what this episode is about.

In the notes that come with the transcript, I will highlight for you the expressions and sentences that you might use when you talk about a speech. We will also study a specific sentence, the last one because it contains all the elements to understand the used of the passé composé and the imparfait.


Cultivate your French - Slow French
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