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Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence: a Diversity and Inclusion Podcast


“Cultural Competence” is a diversity and inclusion podcast from the Gallup Center on Black Voices, hosted by Dr. Ella Washington and Camille Lloyd. We talk to employers and employees alike about what a workplace utopia for diversity, equity and inclusion looks like and the hard work it will take for us to get there. How can employers facilitate meaningful conversations on race in America? And what are the missteps they can avoid in the process?

This season, we’ll talk tokenism, pay inequity, political polarization, hair in the workplace and much more. Tune in to “Cultural Competence: a Diversity and Inclusion Podcast” on Dec. 8 wherever you listen to your podcasts. And learn more about the Gallup Center on Black Voices at https://bit.ly/3g54rpX

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