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Culturally Cancelled with Russell Peters

"I Thought I Was Fly" (w/ Cedric the Entertainer, Shawn & Kenny Porter, and Ruben Paul)


Would you rather bomb or get knocked out? Well, on today’s episode, we are talking
about all the ups and downs of comedy and boxing; where they intersect, and where
they part ways. I’m joined by your favorite uncle and one of the Original Kings of
Comedy, Cedric the Entertainer, who bares his comedy soul and tells us about his
rougher nights on stage. That part’s for the lovers.

And Representing all the fighters out there, we’ve got Showtime Shawn Porter, a two-
time world champion boxer who’s joined by his father, Kenny, who famously trained him.

My comedy brother, Ruben Paul, also jumps in and shares some no-quit wisdom too, so
give ‘er a listen! This episode truly has something for everybody.

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by Cloud10 & iHeartRadio