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Dan Harley's Tech Talk

How a FREE Video Email Account Will Increase Business


http://HotVideoEmail.com - USAToday calls video “the single most effective form of communication.” Until now, it was also the most expensive, awkward and time consuming. Dan Harley talks about how video e-mail can significantly increase your business with very little cost. Dan Harley now represents WowWe, which is an innovative technology company that offers FREE high quality video e-mail accounts. Here are some of the features of WowWe’s video e-mail system: Point-and-Click Features • Record, edit, and save • Full screen preview prior to sending • Easy to use Buffered Video • Massive audience can watch your videos at the same time with no hiccups or delays • Standard local buffering prevents stops and starts in the recipients’ web browsers Templates • Upload your own personalized email templates. Customize templates for promotions, events or announcements • Choose from over 100 stock email templates • Purchase professionally designed templates, created by our award winning staff Contact manger • Upload thousands of contacts at once • Create groups • Edit and change features Deliverability / Certified sender • Best Practices for Reliable Email Delivery • SenderScore powered reputation enhancement • Reliably to all major ISPs All of these features and it’s FREE! Listen to Dan’s show and discover how to apply video e-mail to your advertising and marketing plans TODAY! Get a FREE video e-mail account by visiting HotVideoEmail.com NOW!



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