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Dan Harley's Tech Talk

How Webinars Can Drive More Business to You


http://TheWebinarSecret.com - Dan Harley talks about webinars and how these services can boost your business. Perform sales demonstrations. Hold meetings. Hold online training courses classes with students from around the world. Expand your business beyond traditional borders and drive more customers to you. Video webinars can significantly increase your business with very little cost. Dan Harley now represents WowWe, which is an innovative technology company that offers the best webinar services at the most reasonable cost. Here are some of the features of WowWe's video webinar system: Up to 50 video webinar attendees Up to 100 teleconference attendees Unlimited meetings Participants o Roster of presenters and attendees o Control participant camera and microphone status o "Emoticon" indicators available to all attendees o Make any attendee a presenter or eject from the conference Web video o Webcam feed from up to 12 attendees o Visible to all attendees Discussion o Multi-party text chat o Both private and public messages Whiteboard o Real time highlighting, text, arrows, etc. o Annotation objects can be selected and moved, modified, or deleted Slide show o Ability to show PowerPoint and Flash/jpeg slides Application sharing o Real time sharing of applications Listen to Dan's show and discover how to apply video webinars to your business TODAY! Get the best video webinar service on the Internet by visiting TheWebinarSecret.com!



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