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by Katherine K
Dance with your Goals Podcast

Book Challenge #2: “Year of YES!” By Shonda Rhimes & My "Saying Yes to Opportunities" for a Week (Notes, Thoughts & Lessons)


I’ve always been a dreamer and a planner. But, rarely do I take action on my dreams & Goals. But, recently I realized that actions lead to actual results and I need to combine both strategies. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself with something every single week, commit, take action, note down & share my lessons & results and just... see what happens and where that will lead me...

In this Episode, I am going to share my first challenge of the week: I challenged myself to meditate every single day for a week; the lessons I learned, if it was successful, why and how to start & do it yourself and overall, how it went. Come along... it’s Katherine’s Talk-Challenge Time!



by Katherine K