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by Katherine K
Dance with your Goals Podcast

Book-ish Ep. #10: You are the Placebo; How you can make yourself ill or healthy!


In this week's episode we talk about a bestseller book called "You are the Placebo" by Dr. Joe Dispenza. In many researches and experiments we will see how people, with the power of their minds can make theiselves ill or healthy again!

"As long as you are thinking the same thoughts, that will lead to the same choices, which will cause the same behaviors, which will create the same experiences, which will produce the same emotions, which in return will drive the same thoughts, so that neurochemically you will stay the same. but you are not wired to stay they same your whole life."

"What we are conditioned to think about ourselves and what we are programmed to think other people think about us affects our performance including how successful we are. It’s the same with placebos. What we are conditioned to believe will happen when we take the pill and what we think everyone around us, including our doctors, expects will happen when we do, affects how our bodies will respond to the pill."

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by Katherine K