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by Katherine K
Dance with your Goals Podcast

Goal Advise Episode #1: The 8 Simple Steps to Achieve any Goal #simplifiedbyladyK


In this episode, I want your commitment, a pen, and some paper or journal. I am sharing the simple 8 steps to achieve any goal or task you’ve been wanting to achieve for so long. We will also learn why and how to pick and set a goal and how to take consistent action so we can see clear results and actually achieve it. Come along to the right, write down the steps and act on them! You will be amazed at the progress you’re going to make if you only stay consistent and committed.

‘There is a wonderful old Italian joke about a poor man who goes to church every day and prays before the statue of a great Saint, begging: “Dear Saint, please, please, please let me win the lottery.” Finally, the exasperated statue comes to life and looks down at the begging man and says: “My son, please, please, please buy a ticket.” -Eat, Pray, Love (movie) It’s all about action! You can’t just wish, you need to do, too.



by Katherine K