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Waterworld Thailand - The girl on the beach


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Waterworld Thailand - The girl on the beach

 Chapter 1 and 2

Kirk and Anantara meet Pim, a beautiful girl who was left stranded on a small tropical island by a Frenchman in a yacht. After rescuing her, the erotic fun stars and they sail on to Koh Phangan where they pick up Mint, a lady-boy who was having an interview at a hotel. After more fun and games on Kirk's yacht, they find out she has a very wealthy boyfriend (Damian) that was looking for another partner to set up Waterworld Thailand, a Luxury Yacht Charter and Crew Training Center in Phuket. After meeting Damian, Yasmin and several other characters from the previous stories, Kirk becomes a partner. Subsequently, they are invited to a party with five Thai VIPs and a group of high class Thai escorts on his stunning new Leopard 46 motor yacht. A few days later, they spend a night onboard with Yasmin as Damian was away on business and end up doing things they’d never even imagined. They decide to move to Thailand and rent a stunning penthouse overlooking the Phuket marina and their first adult fun Charter was to a group of wealthy Russians. Things get out of hand as they ply the girls with drink and drugs and lock Mint the lady-boy with a huge cock in one of the cabins, using her day and night. Later in the story Mint gets kidnapped by the Russians and the Thai police get involved. And in the last chapter, Damian’s yacht with his Italian charter guests disappear.

Lots of intrigue, adult fun, debauchery and very erotic themes as you would expect from Dante x.

The full book is available on Amazon Kindle, Paperback, Audible or iTunes.

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