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by Wilfrid Kroath
Dare to Suck - Inspiring changemakers opening up to young adults (and their parents)

Aleksi Nurminen: Backstage with a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter


Aleksi has been hit hard by the overtraining syndrome, which took his body for a ride. But he is back with the aim to go from MMA amateur world champion to professional world champion.
This episode is a really interesting look behind the curtains of a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

The Top 5 key takeaways from his story:

  1. Don´t be too harsh on yourself. Enjoy the ride and don´t forget to socialize with your friends.
  2. Do what you love - follow your passion - everything else is a waste of time.
  3. Don´t rush. Make a long term plan for your goals. Reaching your goal in one year is not a long term plan. Shoot for ten to fifteen years or even more.
  4. Don´t sacrifice your life in order to achieve your goal.
  5. Some say, MMA is barbaric and brutal - some say, MMA is poetry in motion.

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Episode 6

by Wilfrid Kroath